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Why Upgrade Your Fence?

Our Extreme Fencing Upgrade is designed to extend the life of your fence,

With our Extreme Fencing Upgrade we guarantee you will get more life out of your timber fencing, with an added warranty backing our Extreme Fencing Upgrade.

Using ‘post saver’ guarantees 20 years against rot on posts, as this is normally the cause of needing a new fence (timber posts rotting at ground ground level), you can be assured that the Extreme Fencing Upgrade will offer peace of mind, that you are getting the most out of your new fence.

Please read the ‘post saver’ presentation attached to find out more how the Extreme Fencing upgrade can benefit you!

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Included Upgrades

Stonger Footings

How to build a fence

With extra depth and 50% more cement in each hole your fence will stand the test of time, stronger and deeper than our basic fencing.

Post Saver

Extreme Fencing upgrade

Post Saver will save your Fencing posts, this product is designed to reduce the chance of your post rotting by upto 20 years

Screws Not Nails

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Well nails are perfectly fine in a fence, you will have the added benefit of having all your rails and plinths screwed, taking away all chances of your plinth and rail movement in your new fence

Added Warranty

Fencing Warranty

An added Warranty to your new fence, by upgrading your fence you will be assured that we have gone above and beyond, making sure your fence will last many more years than our basic fencing packages only quality fencing applies, we will not build you a cheap fence

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