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How we work


Fencing Contractors can be very hard to deal with, waiting for them to turn up and do a simple fencing quote. We have designed a system where it takes out all of the hassle for you, the customer!


We have designed a platform that only allows the very best fencing contractors to build your fence, from timber paling fencing to colorbond fences, our fencing contractors do it all, not only are they neat and tidy they are very responsive and knowledgeable when it comes to your fencing requirements.


Fencing Quotes Online has been designed to help you, the customer get a quick and easy no-fuss quote within hours of contact, having us help you by finding the correct fencing contractor for your job.


Have a look at our short video to see how fencingquotesonline.com.au works.


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What makes us different?


We are the only company in the market that is completely online, allowing our clients to receive their fencing quotes within hours, instead of sometimes weeks.


Our online instant quote calculator is the only online calculator in the market that lets our clients measure their own property and choose from the different styles of fences, giving our clients more control in their fence quote process.

Why us?


We pride ourselves at being the fastest fencing quote provider in the market, not only will you receive your gates and fences quote quicker than any other company, we are professional and only have the best fencing contractors on our panel.

Get Your Fencing Quote Delivered Within Minutes