Timber vs Colorbond

Timber Vs Colorbond

Timber vs Colorbond

Having a hard time deciding which fence you should have installed? – This article on Timber Vs Colorbond will help you choose

There are many different styles of fencing to choose from, however there are really only two main types of boundary fences to choose from, timber or colorbond, when considering which is best suited to you there are a few crucial factors you need to decide on, that will define the lifespan of your fence

Once you have read this article you will have the confidence to decide which type of fencing is best suited to you, knowing that you have made the right choice


The ever changing weather in Melbourne can take a toll on your timber fence, with rain, hail, strong winds and our harsh summer sun, a timber fence can warp in these conditions, the rain of winter and heat of summer, timber expands and contracts, which will not give you the longevity of a colorbond fence

These elements are ineffective against colorbond, as it is naturally rust-proof So once your colorbond fence is up, it is no match to our harsh Australian climate, which is why you should always weight up your options with timber vs colorbond


A timber fence will eventually break down from the ever changing seasons, repairs to your timber paling fence will become a necessity in years to come, whether you repair the fence yourself or pay someone to do it there will be some form of cost to you within 10 years of your timber fence being installed, you can oil, stain or paint your timber fence to withstand a lot of the weathering that will occur, however it is proven that a colorbond fence will out last a timber fence.

A colorbond fence installed correctly will require no repairs, no painting and is durable, lasting 20-30 years with no issues,


Timber fencing is the most cost effective fencing in the market, a colorbond fence is generally 30% more expensive than timber, however it last 100% longer than a timber fence.

While Colorbond is more expensive upfront, there are no ongoing costs with a colorbond fence, a colorbond fence is an investment.



The Environment

A colorbond fence is one less tree that is being cut down, timber fencing, while cheap, takes a toll on our forests, timber prices keep going up this is due to the supply and demand of timber that is going into the market.

While colorbond steel needs to be sourced out of a mine, you do not need to replace a colorbond fence as often as a timber fence, thus having less enviormental impact to our children and their childern.

How Long Will You Be In Your Property

This is the easiest way to work out which fence is best for you, if you are thinking about selling your property, or turning it into a rental property Timber Fencing is the way to go, it is affordable and will neaten your property up.

If you think you might be living in your property for more than 10 years, we would suggest a Colorbond Fence, this way you know this is the only time you will need to pay for a fence replacement, set and forget, no maintenance required.

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Timber vs Colorbond

Timber vs Colorbond


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