Timber Fencing Contractors

Timber Fencing contractors

Timber Fencing Contractors

With over a thousand Timber fencing contractors, it can be easy to be caught out by a ‘cowboy’, this week alone we have pulled out a fence that was only completed 2 weeks ago by another fencing contractor.

Not only was this fence put in the wrong spot it was poorly built, the posts we not in the ground deep enough and our clients lost over 300mm of their land, with property in Melbourne being very expensive, loosing 300mm of land could potentially loose you thousands of dollars later on, in Victoria there are laws around adverse position; “In Victoria, adverse possession is covered by the Limitation of Actions Act 1958, the Transfer of Land Act 1958 and the common law. An adverse possession claim may come up in the context of a fencing dispute if a dividing fence has been in the wrong place for more than 15 years”.

While our client originally decided to go with a ‘cheaper’ company, they ended up paying for their fence twice, luckily we came out and pulled out the fence and replaced it on the correct boundary, everyone walked away happy, other than them having to pay for this fence twice.

This week we have also had another 4 phone calls with customers going ahead with cheaper quotes, only to have these fencing contractors run off with their deposits, unfortunately this is very common in the fencing industry as there are no licencing regulations and nothing to stop these fencing contractors taking your hard earned money and not turn up to complete any work

When deciding on a fencing contractor especially in Hobart make sure you do your home work, search the company online, look at their reviews, ask to see some of their previous work (most reputable fencing companies will have a sign on their fence), ask how long they have been in business, get 3 quotes, if one quote is a lot cheaper than the other quotes ask yourself, is this too good to be true?

While every fencing contractor will ask for a deposit be wary with a fencing contractor that tells you to pay them the deposit when they turn up on the day, if they do not have any fencing materials with them to build your fence on that day, cancel the job! these people will ask for small amounts to ‘buy material’ never to be seen again.

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Timber Fencing Contractors
Timber Fencing Contractors
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