Vinyl and PVC fencing

Vinyl and PVC fencing

Vinyl and PVC fencing

Vinyl and PVC fencing

Some say that we are living in a plastic age, and they are probably right. These days, you have most of your supplies made of plastic. It has dominated our lives so much that it is hard to imagine a world without plastic. Likewise, plastic fences are gaining popularity every day. Timber, steel and other such materials are expensive and hard to work with whereas plastic fences are lightweight, easy to install and economical. In this article, we will make a comparison of PVC and Vinyl fencing that is available in Australia.

Fencing Vinyl

Where wooden fences tend to rot sooner or later, Vinyl fencing Australia is a great substitute. They are the future of fencing because they are not affected by weather conditions such as rain, wind storms and sunshine. Once installed, they provide lifetime service, don’t get damaged, do not need maintenance like wooden fences and hence save time and money without any compromise on security and fence beauty.

PVC fencing

Plastic PVC fencing Australia has several pros and cons. No doubt, it is a maintenance-free fence with a longer life than a wooden fence, safe for children, once painted forever painted fences but they do not fit for true wooden fence lovers. PVC fencing costs are expensive than wooden fences that they substitute, but because of the savings on maintenance, PVC vinyl fences are cheaper in the long term.

PVC fencing reviews

The popularity of PVC fencing is increasing day by day. As people are coming to know about the benefits of PVC fencing, they are attracted towards a better, long-term fencing solution. PVC fences are attracting customers because they are durable. They do not rust or rot and thus are stainless, you don’t need to paint them again and again.

Vinyl fence

The cost of a 3-foot vinyl fence is about $15-18 per linear foot of fence installation.

Difference between PVC and Vinyl fence

PVC and vinyl fences are the names of the same product. Vinyl is a code name used for polyvinylchloride or PVC. PVC fences have become the future of fencing.

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