Types of Timber Fencing

Types of Timber Fencing

Types of Timber Fencing

Types of Timber Fencing

There are lots of types that come in to play when it comes to timber fencing. Treated pine timber fences are one of the most premium, and most luxurious types available. These fences have gone through special treatments in order to be able to withstand the most extreme of wear and tear conditions. These are also more expensive than the regular timber slats.

Standard Timber Fence

The standard timber fence is the most common of types available. These palings are available commonly and can be built into panels that are easier to install rather than simple individual pickets. In comparison to treated pine timber paling fence, these fences may last less in time as they are more prone to attack against termites and other creatures.

Exposed Post with Capping

A very popular type among Europeans as well as Australians now is the exposed post with capping timber fence. It is a type of a regular paling fence but has posts that are exposed to some extent. These posts make it nearly impossible for intruders to get through because of their tough conjecture with the palings.

Standard Timber Fence with Capping

Standard timber fencing with capping is also something that has been regarded greatly by the public. These fences have all that it takes when it comes to privacy, security, as well as aesthetics. Greatly lauded by people living in posh residential areas, these treated pine fences are rather expensive and are only made to order.

Lap and Cap

Lap and cap is the description given to high performing timber fences. It is always advised to get the help from a professional timber fence contractor when getting your done. This is mainly because these people are super experienced in their trade, and know the locality inside out for you to make the best decision about your fence.

Exp Post Fence

These contractors can help you in choosing whether you should go for standard timber fences, or whether you should try for the heavier, treated pine timber palings, depending on how the environment will be affecting it all.

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