Pool fence

Pool fence

Pool fence

Pool fence

Pools and pool fences are a part of many houses on the Australian continent. Pools are a great attraction but they need proper safety precautions. There are certain fence regulations that define how you can make your pool safe. Pools can be dangerous for little children and pets as many drowning incidents happen every year but don’t worry! You can make your pool safe using some simple techniques such as pool fencing. In this article, we will get an overview of fences that will make your pool look attractive making it nice and secure.

Installation Australia

A wide range of fencing is done all across Australia by many fencing companies. The Australian government have introduced certain laws regarding height and panel spacing that makes your pool safe. There are many kinds of pool fence installations done including wooden, glass and aluminium slat fences.

Pool fence

Fence Installation

fence installation near me can be done as a DIY project or by contacting a fence contractor. Moreover, a new innovation in fencing techniques has made fence installation a lot easier, such as the Aluminum slat fencing. Temporary pool fence panels around the pools are also a good option.

Fence ideas

Thousands of fencing ideas have been innovated in the past years. Glass fencing is the most stylish fence design that you can get for your pool. There are two types of glass, framed glass fence and frameless glass. Wooden fences are also a great option. There are several styles available in wood that you can set up around your pool. The last option is the aluminium slat. These are easy to install, sleek and available in many different colours.


The fence should be 1200mm high, with a gap of 0.1m or less at the bottom and between the panels. There should be no ascendable object on the within 0.9mm of the pool, and gates should be made with a safety lock.


Gates are necessary for safety. They should be installed with proper lock locks for child security.

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