Paling Fence Cost

Paling Fence Cost

Paling Fence Cost

Paling Fence Cost

Paling fences are the type of fences that are made by joining several pickets and paling together to form the fence. These fences are often taller, and this often adds to the final pailing fence price. These fences are suited for residential properties to create the boundary of the backyard. Their height is ideal for reinforcing the security and the privacy of the property as well. Timber is the common type of material used to make palings.

Paling fence price per metre

In order to find the paling fence per metre, you need to know what the price of the material for the fence is. The prices of paling fences actually vary depending upon the kind of material being used for them.

Paling fence cost per metre

When considering pine paling fences or timber paling fences, the average cost fluctuates between $65 per metre to $125 per metre. This is because the average cost of paling fences made from pine and timber are somewhat less dissimilar as compared to the average costs of hardwood paling fences.

Fence palings price

The average costs of some common fences can be judged based on how much the installers are charging them as well. The material of the fence also affects the final price too.

Hardwood fence palings price

A hardwood paling fence can easily cost around $80 to $125 per metre. Timber paling fences cost is usually more affordable as compared to paling fences made out of a hardwood.

Pailing fence cost

The Timber paling fence price tends to vary a lot, and it usually depends on the demand for the product at a particular time. Timber paling fences are usually purchased by customers because they sit well with the appearance of any backyard due to their shades.

Lapped and capped fence prices

These fences often tend to cost more because they are more durable and reliable in their built. They overlap, and they are also capped from the top to make sure that the pickets stay together longer.

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