Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Glass Pool Fencing Cost

Having a large swimming pool in the yard is what everyone wants, they also want to know what does a glass pool fencing cost?. You can have so much fun teaching your kids to swim and throwing poolside parties. Fencing your pool is really important, but if you go for the wooden fences, they might block your view to the pool when kids are playing and can also make you unable to enjoy the outside view when you’re inside the pool and trying to enjoy the landscape around you. So, glass fence is the best choice for you. There are two types of glass fences available to make your choice from. The framed glass fences and the frameless glass fences. It’s according to your need and budget that which one you choose.

Glass pool fence

When you’ve decided the type of fence you are going to get installed, you need to do a proper survey of the glass pool fence pricing. The total average cost that comes on a glass pool fence is about $2000 for semi-framed fences, $2500 for frameless with pins and $3500 for frameless fences.

Glass pool fencing prices

For getting your glass fence installed, you need to get the contractors that fit the glass fence. The price of the glass pool fence installed is about $100-200+ per meter of fence installation. This price is when you have got your own material and the glass panels.

Glass Pool Fencing Cost
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Glass fence cost

The type of fence you are going to get installed for your pool decides the price you are going to pay. There are different types of installations from framed to semi-framed and frameless glass installations. Glass pool fencing per meter costs $100-300+ for different types of installations.

Cost of pool fencing per meter

Frameless glass pool fencing per meter is $275-300+ dollars. Semi-framed glass pool fence per meter is $250-375+. And frameless glass pool fence costs $375-400+ per meter.

The average cost of glass pool fence

The average price of glass pool fence lies around $200-400+ per meter depending on the type of installation you want. For framed glass fence, the prices lie from $200-275+ per meter and $300-400+ for frameless glass fences.

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