Colorbond Fencing Cost

Colorbond Fence cost

Colorbond Fencing Cost

Fencing is crucial for both safety purposes and drawing the precincts of your property. I have observed that the majority of the individuals who plan to build fencing often go after its external appearance, firmness and little maintenance needs, it does come down to the colorbond fence cost, however.

 If you count yourself among them too, Colorbond Fencing marks all these requirements and more. Nonetheless, if you’re brooding over the possible costs associated with Colorbond fencing, this article is just right for you!

First things you need to familiarize with are the elements the individual factors that combine together to incur a fence cost. Let me tell you that the total cost of Colorbond fencing is a buildup of Material & Installation Cost.

Colorbond Fence Costs

In general, Colorbond fencing ranges anywhere from $80 to $200+ each meter provided the size and style of the material. You may find retail rates of Colorbond fencing close by: 

  • $17 each for a 1.80-meter sheet
  • $12 to $14 each post (two posts per hole)
  • $10 to $17 each 2.4-meter fencing rail (two rails per panel)

After this, whilst you look for fixture costs, the installation, cement and post capping charges are some costs you must factor in. On an average, installers of Colorbond fencing demand just about $80 to $200 a meter. However, the cost is highly variant to the size of fences, the intricacy of the installation process and the fencing company you hire for the job.

If you as a property owner have plans to install a Colorbond fence, however on flat ground, the costs will be falling more towards the lower numbers. Conversely, in conditions when you deploy relatively smaller barriers, however on a pitched land, the quotes may remain on the higher side. This perhaps happens because the installation process on the sloped surface demands greater efforts. Besides, the type of land where you plan to install Colorbond fencing may also be a contributing factor to altered installation costs.

The third and foremost factor of colorbond fence costs is supposed to be the quality factor. If you want a standard 1.80-meter Colorbond fence affixed over a malleable surface, you should expect any cost ranging from $80 to $160 each lineal meter. Thus, if you find someone who’s willing to accept an amount lesser than these, I suggest you inspect the fences for weary, non-genuine or missing components.

Colorbond Fence cost

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